The Neighbors United for Progress (N.U.P) have changed my life for the better. They have showed me unconditional love and respect. Threw everything they have been very supportive just like family. Every year I grow threw their youth leadership program. Life Changing…..Destiney R.


     I appreciate everything Neighbors United for Progress (N.U.P)  has done for my kids especially opening up opportunities for them and teaching them valuable skills threw their leadership program with the youth empowerment workshops.-T.B

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Neighbors United for Progress

       The Neighbors United for Progress (N.U.P) has changed my life by giving my essential tools to grow in the working world. Plus gave me insight on how to transform into my manhood. What I liked about the program is that I learned a lot of things that can help me get through life. I also think that this program was cool and very helpful and that there should be more kids in this program so they can get out the house, be active, get educated, and share it with other people. It’s fun to learn about new things and new ways to do things in life. And I love to play basketball and I feel like this can help me find ways to get there. Tim B.

             My life was in shambles totally upside down. For eight months me and my partner and sometimes my children, lived in my car. For eight months, we ate, washed off, read or did homework in that car. On hot nights everything was unbearable. After eight long months. I spoke to a NUP member from Neighbors United for Progress  about my situation and they told me about ECHO. I went to ECHO to do a client assessment. It took about six weeks before they found somewhere for my family to go. A transitional shelter sponsor by Foundation for the Homeless that helps you then get your own home. Now in my own home again with my family once again. Living in Austin can be stressful but we are hanging in there. Thanks, NUP we love you. –Anonymous