Neighbors United for Progress


Mrs.Delaine White

Mr. Steven 

GIFT: Dedication  of HELPING

Favorite Color: BLACK

Special TALENT: 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kajukenbo

This is my way of giving to the community that I live IN. Which is important to me  and my generation.

Mr. Duane White


Favorite Color: GREEN

Special TALENT: Smooth Dresser

I'm passionate about what I'm doing in my community. Especially tough love it's important to me and the kids I meet. If I can change one kid at a time, THEN I'M DOWN FOR THE CAUSE.

Mrs.Yubelly Perez

GIFT: Planning & Organizing

Favorite Color: Red &Purple

Special TALENT: It’s photographic memory, I never forget a face

I’m part of the group because the members are an inspiration for me, I love their passion, work, and commitment with the work they do for the community.

Mrs.Rachel Robinson

GIFT:  Social Media & Technology

Favorite Color: PURPLE & PINK


I'm part of this team because I love giving back. I also enjoy being an humantarian. Its in my blood to always offer a helping hand and changing the community one step at a TIME. 

Mrs. Bertha Williams

GIFT: East side Historian

Favorite Color:BLUE andYELLOW

Special TALENT:Engaging in the Community

I love what our group stands for that's why I'm standing for it.

Ms. Susie Robinson

GIFT:  Penmanship 

Favorite Color: BLUE

Special TALENT: Cooks like a billion bucks

I'm part of this group because the children is our future and I want to see changes in my community.

God calls on my name... and I have to let go of your hand now...
Please don't cry... and smile for me.. 
because I'm with the one who made us friends.

Remember, I'll always love you.
so come, wave me goodbye...
It'll be painful but we have to...
Hug me, hug me tight, feel the words I can no longer say.

My dear friend, I'm going to miss you.
just pray because I'll always listen.
and one day, when it's your time,
I'll be there for you...
Just like the way I used to.
...WE love you...