Neighbors United for Progress

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to mobilize the community for the advancement of neighborhoods

As a community based group our goals/objectives are:

To enlighten people by providing information through different venues, such as: Workshops, focus groups, youth leadership programs, and community talks.
To be a positive voice for the families in the community where we live.
To bring knowledge and awareness to the issues that concern the community: Affordable housing, crime and safety, and youth development.
To help individuals and families to overcome obstacles in getting the necessary information about our areas of awareness: Affordable housing, crime and safety, and youth development
To encourage people to express and achieve their goals
To participate in actions for the betterment of the community




Neighbors United for Progress (NUP) focus its work in Central and East Austin, helping all families. We welcome everybody who is willing to participate, volunteer or work with us. Our vision is that every member of the community will have a path for success.


Our Values

Vision: We are here to have and plan for a better future
Respect: We demonstrate this value within the group members and everyone we become in contact
Personal growth: The professional and personal


Our Story

In 2014 Neighbors United for Progress (NUP) took part of Southwest Key’s Good Neighbor Program, a five-day, 15-hour interactive capacity building training where residents have the opportunity to learn more about their neighbors, how to build resident teams, discover what is needed in their neighborhoods, and learn how to make the changes they want to see in their community.

In the training, participants share their personal experiences with others and learn the importance of being engaged in their communities.   They learn how to value their community by identifying the assets that exist and building upon those strengths.  Individually, they learn how to be good listeners and the importance of communication.  They learn how to become effective facilitators, so that they can lead small or large group meetings.



Some of the activities we have developed and implemented are:

Youth Leadership Workshops: We want a better future for the youth in our community, this is why we have partnered with individuals and organizations to provide one-week leadership trainings so youth can learn more about life goals, college, team work, health and wellness

Affordable housing conversation: We want to provide information to residents in our community about this important issue. We are a group of concerned neighbors and we want to assist in developing affordable housing solutions and opportunities to individuals and families in East Austin.


Neighbors United for Progress has partnered with different organizations and community groups to provide its programs and services:

Southwest Key Programs
The Harvest Foundation
Fort Branch Apartments
Portfolio Resident Services
Humpin People Motorcycle Club